About Us

iSTEM Early College High School is a small, intellectual public STEM school option that maximizes individual potential and ensures students are well-equipped to meet the challenges in the world around them. Equipped with their own unique skill sets, our students are later enrolled into post-secondary institutions and organizations throughout the state.

iSTEM is open to students throughout All Northeast Ohio Counties. All iSTEM students engage in a personally relevant and academically rigorous curriculum and are prepared for college and 21st century careers within a safe and trusting environment, through powerful teaching and problem-based interdisciplinary learning.

iSTEM is accepting applications for 6th- 12th grade students for the 2022-23 school year.

What we do at iSTEM comes down to giving students access to real life success while providing rigorous educational opportunities.

We create a school closely linked to our community and industry/manufacturing challenges and solutions that will train students to undertake the issues of both tomorrow and today.

By providing our next generation with specialized training and that hones in on their talents, we also work to foster a healthy, growing economy in which Ohio businesses thrive.

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