Business Advisory Committee Overview

The Purpose of the Business Advisory Committee and partnerships with local industries is to provide linkages and businesses for the iSTEM Geauga Early College High School and its students. To learn more, click on "Business Advisory Committee" to the right.Business PartnersWe are currently seeking new business partners. If your company would like to learn more about how to partner with iSTEM, please contact 440-898-3283. Together we can have a positive impact on Ohio, the region, and our students.  Our Business PartnersAuburn Career CenterEducational Service Center of the Western ReserveGeauga Growth PartnershipGreat Lakes BiomimicryHoneycombJunior AchievementLakeland Community CollegeLeadership Lake CountyMentor Area Chamber of CommerceOhio STEM Learning NetworkPAST Innovation LabSIFCO ASCSpence Technologies

The Purpose of the Business Advisory Committee and partnerships with local industries is to provide linkages and businesses for the iSTEM Geauga Early College High School and its students.

To learn more, click on "Business Advisory Committee" to the right.

Business Partners

We are currently seeking new business partners. If your company would like to learn more about how to partner with iSTEM, please contact 440-898-3283. Together we can have a positive impact on Ohio, the region, and our students.  

Our Business Partners

Auburn Career Center

Educational Service Center of the Western Reserve

Geauga Growth Partnership

Great Lakes Biomimicry


Junior Achievement

Lakeland Community College

Leadership Lake County

Mentor Area Chamber of Commerce

Ohio STEM Learning Network

PAST Innovation Lab


Spence Technologies

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Operations Overview

Learn more about iSTEM Geauga Early College High School Operations Overview including projected expenses and revenue for 2015-16 and 2016-17.

Business Advisory Committee

Donation Recogntion and Naming

Geauga County Business Advisory Council Joint Statement

Meetings conducted by the council: 

November 8, 2017, March 27, 2018, July 10, 2018,m September 11, 2018, December 11, 2018, and February 20, 2019 

The council’s plan and implementation progress: 

Geauga County Educational Service Center (GCESC) 

Business Advisory Council (BAC) Bylaws 

Participating School Districts in Geauga County: Berkshire Local School District, Cardinal Local School District, Newbury Local School District, West Geauga Local School District, Geauga iSTEM Early College High School and the Geauga County Educational Service Center 

Mission Statement (Per ORC 3313.84): The mission of the ESCWR Business Advisory Council (BAC) is to foster cooperation among our member schools, businesses, and the communities they serve to make our education system more aware of the local labor market; promote work-based experiences within businesses; and help students prepare for successful learning and employment opportunities. 

Roles of the BAC (Per ORC 3313.84): 

1. To advise local school districts on changes in the economy and job market and 

the area in which future jobs are most likely available; 2. To advocate for the employment skills most critical to business and industry and 

the development of curriculum to teach these skills; 3. To aid and support local school districts by offering suggestions for developing a working relationship among businesses, labor organizations, and educators; 4. To advise workforce development on how to be responsive to Northeast Ohio job 


Member Appointments: 

* County Superintendent (permanent member) serves as Executive Chair 

* 5 Superintendents and representatives from ESCWR Member Districts (permanent members) 

* 1 Representative from Geauga Growth Partnership (permanent member) 

* 1 Representative from Auburn Career Center (permanent member) 

* 1 Representative from Higher Education – Kent State (permanent member) 

* At least 8 members from local or regional businesses and industries that represent diversity in the business communities. (staggered terms) 

* Additional At-large Members may be added at the discretion of the BAC in multiples of 2 (3 year terms) 

* Representative from workforce development. At the discretion of the BAC for 3 year term. 

* Voting authority – two members from same entity – 1 vote. 

Terms of Service: 2 Businesses – 1 year 3 Businesses – 2 year 3 Businesses – 3 year Thereafter all 3 years 

The BAC shall avoid potential conflicts of interest when appointing BAC members. The ESCWR Superintendent has the right to remove BAC members due to potential conflicts of interest, lack of attendance/participation, lack of cooperative spirit, or any other reason as determined by ESCWR in partnership with GGP. 

Appointment & Responsibility of Officers: Officers for the following offices: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Secretary shall be appointed by the ESCWR Superintendent at the annual BAC Business Meeting in July or August each year. Officers shall be appointed from active Board members and will be appointed for 1 year terms. The responsibilities of each office are as follows: 

? Chairperson – Superintendent of County 

? Provide leadership to ensure the committee functions properly 

? Promote full participation during the meetings 

? Ensure that all relevant matters are discussed and that effective decisions are made and implemented 

? Lead and Facilitate each meeting 

? Vice Chairperson: 

? Assume the responsibilities of the Chairperson in his/her absence 

? Secretary: Assumed by ESC Representative 

Meeting Schedule: The ESCWR BAC meeting schedule will be determined annually at the Business Meeting to be held in July or August of each year. (The BAC will meet at least once per quarter as required by Ohio law.) 

Sunshine Laws: The ESCWR BAC will comply with Ohio’s public records and open meetings laws, collectively known as the “Sunshine Laws” as required by law. 

Amendment of Bylaws: Bylaws of the ESCWR BAC may be amended at any official BAC meeting by a majority vote of BAC members present at the meeting. 

Geauga County Business Advisory Council Plan 

The Geauga County Business Advisory Council (BAC) includes the following members: Berkshire, Cardinal, and West Geauga Local Schools, iSTEM Geauga Early College High School, as well as the businesses, work force development and community of Geauga County. The council is represented by businesses, school Superintendents, Geauga Growth Partnership (GGP), Higher Education, and the Educational Service Center of the Western Reserve (ESC). The group is chaired by The Educational Service Center of the Western Reserve Superintendent in partnership with Geauga Growth Partners. 

The BAC was formed to ensure the future well-being of students, citizens, and the business community in Geauga County. The council’s intent is to recognize that educational efforts involve close cooperation among schools and businesses. Decisions will be made prioritizing future employment opportunities for our students and economic stability and growth for the Geauga community. BAC serves as an advisory group that will provide updates to the Governing Board of the ESC. Members represent leaders of commercial, industrial and civic organizations. They recommend policies and guidelines to help Geauga County schools and community achieve the mission and vision identified in the BAC's Bylaws. 


The Geauga County community relies upon strong business and education partnerships with an emphasis on a high quality educational system. Relationships between the business and educational entities in Geauga County will be enhanced by regular dialogue between business and educational leaders. The purpose of the Geauga County Business Advisory Council (BAC) is to advise and provide recommendations to the ESC Governing Board via the Superintendent on the following initiatives that are aligned with the Vision, Mission and Goals of the BAC. 

• community based service learning 

• mentorships/internships 

• job shadowing 

• career counseling and exploration 

• work based learning opportunities 

• partnerships with schools/businesses 

• professional development/conferences 

• recruitment and employment opportunities for students 

• needs assessments and data review 


The Geauga Business Advisory Council will offer insights for students’ career needs and future financial issues that may impact the work force and school districts. This process may include, but not be limited to: 

• Conduct data analysis reviews, on an as needed basis, aligned to project based initiatives, etc. 

• Share information about workplace behaviors and skills needed for students’ success in future careers. 

• Explore opportunities for internships or activities to support student academic experiences. 

• Identify potential academic and financial questions and issues from the community. 

• Communicate with the public about academic and financial issues. 


The goals of the Geauga County Business Advisory Council are to: 

• Engage businesses and education in on-going communication; 

• Strengthen the relationship between business, community and education; 

• Maintain a high standard of educational excellence; 

• Explore ways to increase job opportunities and internships for students; 

• Create a stronger work force for the Geauga community; 

Action Steps 2018-2020 

• Engage educators in activities relative to businesses and community relevant to curriculum initiatives; 

• Schedule tour for teachers in community with employers; 

• Encourage BAC members to communicate to Chamber, Rotary, etc the work of the BAC; 

• Review data in Geauga County: employment trends, school district report card data specific to prepared for success, etc.; 

• Educate community on what schools are doing to prepare students for college/career; 

• Analyze current job fairs offered in Geauga County and with Auburn Career Center; 

• Research opportunities in community with regard to manufacturing for training and employment of students; 

• Explore evidenced based opportunities to create initiatives for students in the areas of critical thinking and problem solving; 

• Inventory: schools, Ohio Means Jobs, GGP, LEAF, Kent State, businesses to assess what initiatives are currently being done to review gaps, etc.; 

• Collaborate with Ohio Means Jobs for a county-wide presentation for students/employers. 

Business Advisory Council meeting schedule: September 11, 2018 November 27, 2018 February 20, 2019 May 2, 2019 

Geauga County ESC Governing Board meeting schedule: September 18, 2018 October 17, 2018 November 20, 2018 December 18, 2018 

Brief summaries of specific activities: 

March 27, 2018 

• HB49 and BAC requirements 

• BAC Operating Standards 

• BAC roles and Geauga Businesses 

• Meeting Schedule 2018-19 @ 7:30am 

July 10, 2018 September 11, 2018 November 27, 2018 February 20, 2019 May 2, 2019 

• Change traditional educational systems/models 

• Entry level 

• Summer Internships 

• NE Ohio and employment 

• Work force development 

• Connections before leaving High School with business 

• Welding positions 

• Obstacles: o Age requirements o Operating equipment, etc o 18 year old threshold o Too short of internships-need to be ongoing 

July 10, 2018 

• Commitment 

• Employers not let children fall through the cracks 

• Employers be mentors 

• School assemblies to inform students about jobs 

• Celebrate students going into career/academic signing days, not just for sports 

• Behavior Concerns: Root course, absenteeism, soft skills training, turnovers 

• Accountability 

• No Motivation 

• Bridge the gap 

• Social Worker support 

• Economics/Poverty 

September 11, 2018 

• Inventory 

• Building a better pipeline between schools and companies 

• Reverse Job Fair 

• Embed the Ohio Means Jobs to the goals 

• Educating teachers as a goal 

• Tour for teachers in community with employers 

• Communicate with Chamber, Rotary the works of BAC 

• Budget to be determined 

• NEOEA Day – teacher Professional Development 

• Develop curriculum 

• Changes in Job Market, Data Analysis 

• Internships 

• BAC to inform public about schools preparing students for work world 

December 11, 2018 (originally scheduled for Nov. 27, 2018) 

• Discussed that education needs to be re-designed to teach students to want more from work. 

• Students have been learning for factory type employment. 

• Need to get parents engaged. 

• Need to investigate to get students into jobs before 16yrs old. 

• Need to follow-up with Bureau of Worker’s Comp. 

• Tour for Teachers –where? 

• Assess VoEd needs in community/schools. 

• Educate businesses on what schools are currently implementing in Workforce development. 

• Host a showcase for schools/businesses to share current initiatives. 

• Build community awareness. 

• Ignite Your Career – job fair for students. 

February 20, 2019 

• Career Day/Job Fair Day at Chardon School District w/Ohio Means Jobs and Chardon Chamber of Commerce - March 1, 2019 

• Berkshire Schools - Job Fair. April 11 

• NEOEA Day – Oct 11th, 2019 – Teacher Tour of businesses in Geauga County and student internship development. 

• Ignite Your Career with Business Advisory Council and Geauga Growth Partnership – March 11th @ Notre Dame Cathedral Latin 

• State of the Schools with Business Advisory Council and Geauga Economic Leadership – November 2019