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NASA Enter the NASA portal to explore the many facets of NASA. Learn the latest in space news; find math, science, and technology activities for home or the classroom; shoot a cannonball into orbit; or design your own mission to Mars. It’s all just a few click

Ohio Department of Education The Ohio Department of Education web site dedicated to providing you information about education in Ohio.

The Carnegie Mellon Robots Academy This website is an excellent resource for everything robotics. Curriculum can be previewed, robotics equipment purchased, and information on the latest robotics news.

The National Inventors Hall of Fame Celebrate the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of great inventors showcased on this web site through exhibits and presentations.

What Engineers Do Discover what engineers do, what the job is like, and even how much they are paid.

U.S. Department of Education The U.S. government’s official web site dedicated to updating you on the latest developments in education across the country.