December 10, 2015

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Issue 14 - December 10, 2015

Finals, Midterms, Projects

Please note that finals and/or midterms/projects are noted as follows.  Please encourage your kids to study and demonstrate MASTERY on the standards!
  • Biology, Part 1, is December 11.
  • Biology, Part 2, is December 14.
  • Math is December 16.
  • English is a project on Anthem due December 17.

Mad City Money

iSTEM'ers took place in Mad City Money on Wednesday, December 9th at iSTEM.  A huge shout out to CEO, Miranda Puthoff at the Lake County Educational Credit Union for facilitating this!  Mad City Money™ gives youth a taste of the real world - complete with occupation, salary, spouse, student loan debt, credit card debt, and medical insurance payments. Students participated in a workshop that offers engagement in financial literacy.  Mad City Money is approved as a financial education resource for students by the JumpStart CoalitionClearinghouse, based on theNational Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education.


Values In Action

Values in Action continues with the development of soft skills for our iSTEM students.  On Tuesday, December 8, 2015, the Ohio Innocence Project presented with an Esquire and Professor from Case Western Reserve University.  iSTEM students sat intently and listened about the process of law.

Hour of Code/J-Term/Winter Break


On December 18th, iSTEM'ers will be participating in an Hour of Code.  Actually, a few hours of code!  This is a dress down Friday and jeans are permitted.  The Hour of Code shirts have been ordered and should arrive by this time to wear as well.  If you didn't order a shirt, be sure to wear your iSTEM gear!  Students are permitted to bring snacks to share at school on this day, following lunch.  If you have chess boards at home, (students) please bring them.  Report cards will also be distributed.  Students will also receive further preparation for J-TERM (1/3/16 - 1/14/16).  These are regularly scheduled hours of school and all students must be present. 

J-TERM (1/3/16 - 1/14/16)...


  • is a two-week-long period of study in which iSTEM students will have time to explore subjects "outside" of iSTEM, to discover new interests, and test their creativity in their own self-study which will follow a common rubric (the "I" in iSTEM) - see below's WINTER BREAK HOMEWORK for more information;
  • is a two-week-long period of study in which iSTEM students are provided remediation and guidance within their Google Classrooms in order to meet Mastery in each of the subjects;
  • is a two-week-long period of enrichment study in which iSTEM students work in the FabLab to Master the machinery and to create manuals (in layman’s terms) for each of the machines;
  • is a two-week-long period of study in which iSTEM students work in an adaptable learning environment flexible to students’ needs of mastery learning and/or remediation. 
WINTER BREAK HOMEWORK (for J-Term prep):  What are you passionate about changing in the world?  What do you want to know more about?  What is something that you really like to use (or, better yet, hasn't been invented yet!), but know how to improve?  How can you be creative in presenting your information to an authentic audience (google slides, Prezi, iMovie)?  Who is your authentic audience?  Over winter break determine your self-study.  What do you want to investigate (original product, modify a product, address and issue, research a concept, personal expression concept)?  Have your idea and be ready to research when you return from winter break!
  • Personal STEM projects...iSTEM Projects!...Perfect! They are personal "i" STEM projects!  We are one of the few that has taken up the idea of individual, term long research projects and our school name is perfect for it!  I think this, when it is well done, will really be a feather in your caps and will produce some excellent dispositions in our iSTEM'ers!  Shouldn't you study what you want to study while in school?!?
  • Students may earn badges for their iSTEM Projects and which will become part of the reward/motivation.  The badge creation may also be a project/add-on for the enrichment group in the FabLab during J-TERM.
  • The final project will be due at the end of Spring semester and will be presented at Quest Research Night.  Additional time during school will be provided; however, much of this is done independently, outside of school.

iSTEM Store

iSTEM online store is now open!  Happy shopping...Click here to check out what's available...

Upcoming Events/Items To Be Thinking About For the Future

December 15 - Cleveland Foundation at iSTEM
December 16 - METS meeting, 6-7pm

December 17 - Employer Showcase - Students present to companies (Values in Action)
December 18 - 9am, Report Cards are printed and sent home with the students.
December 18 - iSTEM, the Hour(s) of Code
December 21 through January 1 - winter break

January 4 - 14 - J-Term

January 15 - Virtual Day, Ohio STEM Learning Network working with our staff at iSTEM

January 18 - No School, MLK Day

January 28 - Mentor/Company Shadow Day for students (VIA)

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