Miss Samantha Young

Miss Samantha Young
Social Studies Teacher
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iSTEM Early College High School - District Staff

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Miss Samantha Young, despite what her name suggests, is the teacher of all things old at iSTEM. Her current classes include US History and Modern World History. She graduated from Kent State University in 2017 with a degree in Integrated Social Studies. When she isn’t creating history lessons, Miss Young enjoys spending her time in the outdoors, eating at the local restaurants in her area, listening to podcasts, and trying to crochet while her cat eats the yarn. 

This fall, Miss Young is teaching US History and World History. US History is usually the first history class iSTEM students take during high school. This class will guide students through through the history of the United States of America, from colonization to the modern era. This class is based in primary source reading, practicing our historian skills, and creativity. Just recently, students participated in a project called ‘Day in the Square’, where students took on the role of colonists and rallied their classmates to either go towards revolution or stay safely under the rule of Great Britain. 

World History is a class with mostly upperclassmen who are familiar with US History and US Government. The goal of this course is to give students a global view of history, and understand that the entire world is affected by actions of few. This course will cover ‘the age of revolutions’, imperialism, the world wars, the atomic age, and the modern age.  Right now in class, we are discussing the French Revolution and revolutions in Latin America, and the implications of those. Students are working on a larger scale ‘baseball card’ project that will have them cover major figures from the time periods we are discussing and determine what their importance is. 

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